Thursday, May 29, 2008

Siberian Husky Breeders To Be Wary Of

So you have thought it over and the new family pet is definitely going to be a Siberian Husky. Now that you have made that decision it is time to start putting together all of your resources to find out the most critical piece of information in owning your dog and that is the question of who you are going to use as a Siberian husky breeder. Finding a breeder is extremely important and there are some resources you can use to eliminate certain Siberian husky breeders right off the bat and it is up to you as a responsible owner to have the wherewithal to research this important issue.

A good and reputable breeder will subscribe to the tested breeding standards of a national breeder registry and they will be a member and listed with a registry. Find out if the breeders you are considering are listed with a breeder registry and if they are not then question why.
Your vet can be an important fountain of information when you are getting ready to settle on a Siberian husky breeder. When you have a list of potential breeders you should bring that list to your vet to see if any of the breeders you are considering is one to avoid. If you do not have a vet then the breeder selection process is the perfect time to start a relationship with one because you will not find anyone else that cares about your pet's health as much as your vet besides yourself.

It may seem a bit extreme but you may also want to run your list of potential Siberian husky breeders by local law enforcement and see if any of the names on your list ring a bell with them as well. If a breeder is known in a negative way to local law enforcement then you probably do not want to deal with that breeder.
The local animal rescue groups are always in tune with what is good and bad about the different animal breeders in your area. You may want to run your list of potential Siberian husky breeders by the local animal rescue groups and see if any of the names on there stand out to them as bad or not. The animal rescue groups spend most of their time trying to help solve the situations that would require their services so they are sure to point you in the right direction.

If you do not feel comfortable talking to a particular Siberian husky breeder then do not do business with that breeder. The relationship between breeder and owner needs to be an open and comfortable relationship because you will be in touch with them for many years to come so make sure you take your time and use all of the resources at your disposal to make the right decision.

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