Sunday, August 10, 2008

How To Raise A Siberian Husky Pup

Bringing home your Siberian Husky pup for the first time is always fun and exciting and, as a new owner, you more than likely have a lot of questions about how to raise your new pet. You have a wealth of resources available to you to answer your questions and offer you the advice you need to make sure you give your dog all of the attention and care it needs and in return it will show you years of love and devotion. Make sure you are always attending to the needs of your Siberian Husky pup to insure it grows up healthy and happy.

Your breeder should be able to get you off to a good start by offering you a full compliment of care and feeding instructions for you that will help to make sure that you know exactly what to do. If you ever have questions you can always contact your breeder and ask for the advice you need in raising your Siberian Husky pup.
When you think about all of the people that you will rely on for the health of your Siberian Husky pup no one is as important, or will offer any better advice, than your vet. Always make sure that you get your Siberian Husky pup to regularly scheduled vet appointments and always be sure to take the advice of your vet whenever they give it. Working in conjunction with your vet can help to ensure that your pup grows into a strong and healthy dog.

If you are dealing with a good breeder then they will make sure you leave their site with a full dietary program that is the best suggestion for feeding your dog. You can help that out by remembering that your dog will be much healthier if you feed it freshly prepared food as opposed to commercially processed dog food. It only takes a few minutes a day to properly prepare fresh food for your dog but the health benefits will last for years.
Your Siberian Husky pup is a very active dog and even though you will probably be trying to train them with social skills and general skills they will need for living in your house you must supply them time each and every day for exercise and fresh air. Your Siberian Husky pup will thrive on a daily dose of exercise and good health can be really helped along if you make sure it gets that exercise each and every day. If you do not allow your pup to get exercise each day then other health problems could develop.

Raising your Siberian Husky pup is a full time job and they look to you for everything for their health and well being. They will grow to beautiful and healthy dogs if you make sure that all of their health needs are met when they are puppies so be certain to attend to your Siberian Husky pup as it grows and you will be rewarded with a healthy adult dog.

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