Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Siberian Husky Information: Breed Standard

Perhaps you think that all Siberian Huskies look alike. They most certainly do not. There is a wide variety within the breed. They come in many coat colors and eye colors. Their ears are usually pointed, but often are floppy. Their coats come in a variety of textures. Their spines (or "topline") can be straight or curved down. Their tails can be straight, sickle-shaped or curly. However, not all of these Huskies would be allowed in a show ring.

In learning Siberian husky information, it is usually best to know the breed standard. This is an idealized blueprint that you match your dog to. In a show, the winner is the dog that comes closest to matching that breed standard. In real life, no Husky ever can. But getting close to the breed standard can help you identify an abandoned dog's breed in your local shelter or animal rescue center.
Not all Siberian Huskies are alike, but they do share certain characteristics in physical appearance and in character. The most obvious physical trait is that they do resemble a small wolf. Even if they have floppy ears and frizzy coats, most Siberian Huskies still have a wolfish stare that goes right through you. You can just about hear the wind blow when you look into the face. Although famous for ice-blue eyes, a Siberian Husky can have brown or odd-colored eyes.

They are medium-sized dogs, usually fifty pounds, sleek and athletic. They are square dogs, built to efficiently keep in body heat. They have double-layered coats that shed out completely once or twice a year. They can come in almost all colors of the canine rainbow (Harlequin is about the only color not seen – yet). They should look strong and ready to run. Their tails are usually sickle-shaped, but they often can go completely straight or curly.
The Siberian Husky often shares certain temperamental characteristics, which vary in degree from dog to dog. There is a breed personality listed as the official part of the breed standard that most breeders try to go by. Knowing the breed standard can help you determine if you can live successfully with a Siberian Husky. They are certainly not the right dog for everyone.

According to reliable sources on Siberian Husky information (owners and rescue organizations), Huskies are quiet, serious dogs who make very bad guard dogs. They need a lot of exercise or they will rip your house up. They need to see a point in obeying any command. This is a dog that can think for his or herself. You can't be wimpy around these dogs or they will boss you about. You might need professional training with a Siberian Husky. They are not recommended for first time dog owners.

If you plan on showing your Siberian Husky be extremely careful about where you purchase your puppy. If potential owners had more Siberian Husky information before getting a dog there would be far fewer abandoned.

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